Cake Decorating Machine

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Cake Decorating Machine

Manufacturer: CoffeeShutter
SKU: Pas-Sus-001
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Cake Decorating Machine

Equipped with Epson's Micro Piezo print head technology, offering unrivaled durability, quality and reliability. The high-capacity ink tank is fully integrated into the printer, so you can enjoy reliable color printing without the hassle or hassle of other ink tank systems.

Clean printing Epson's Fast Ink Refilling (FIT) technology ensures minimum ink waste levels with specially designed airtight caps and filters. The throttle valve controls the flow of ink and prevents backflow and also means you can easily and safely transport the printer where you need to work.

Each ink bottle has a cover that can be re-sealed to store when it is not in use.

Live photos extremely low cost Six separate 70 ml food ink bottle kits, including black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan and light magenta, are added.

Each set of high-capacity ink bottles can print high-quality photos at 1800 cakes and deliver ultra-low cost per pie.

Directly presses on wet pastry without the need for edible sugar paper

1800 candy paper costs 11.250 tl

The food costs you except for your ink.