LCD Touch barcode system

5,649.00 ₺

LCD Touch barcode system


Integrated with all cash registers and scales

verpos barcode systems and ergonomic structure with your workplace unnecessary and takes up space. it's easy to use and easy to use as well as add to your workplace.

verpos is a privilege with ease and frequency.

Plug and play barcode system Select your prices according to your budget

Toll free phone connection with tons of phone money support. With Remote Access Help you can get the support you need. It is an easy-to-use barcode sales system.

The workplaces used are all businesses that make retail sales such as grocery stores, grocery stores, greengrocers, hardware, cash registers and similar.


Package Included

1 pc Table top barcode reader

1 fis printer with automatic cutter

1 Barcode System with Keyboard

Note: Optional Dispatch Screen


Quick access to your data with SQL database reliability

1- You can make a discount at the time of sale or make a refund.

2- No endurance training is required for the end user. You may be the judge of Verpos in a very short time.

3 When needed, VerPoS technical team with online support can be the solution to your problems.

4- You can make your follow-up with POSKART. Neither you nor your customer has a question mark.

5- Know how much debt you will pay to your business with wholesale records.

6- With VerPoS module ready for connection of scales and cash registers, connections are made according to your request

7- You can print barcode labels on your shelves and barcode-free products and even assign a barcode to the core you sell.

8- Waiting window for the second first customer at the moment of sale

9- You can cut the invoice and waybill.

10- You can get a credit card payment or pesin payment at the time of sale.

11-In line with your request, you can purchase your stocks from your website online and you can purchase orders through your website.