MSI PRO Market Automation

4,573.00 ₺

MSI PRO Market Automation


MSI PRO Market Automation

Plug and play barcode system Select your prices according to your budget

With Remote Access Help, you can make the necessary support like you. It is an easy-to-use barcode sales system.

Stock access with external access via Android tablet and do sales from warehouse. You don't need an extra hand terminal.

Package Included
1pcs handheld barcode reader
1 fis printer
1 barcode system


1- Discount, maturity or refund can be made at the time of sale.

2- No endurance training is required for the end user. You can be the judge of VerPOS

3 When needed, VerPoS technical team with online support offers a solution to your problem.

4- Tracking your data with POSKART. Neither you nor your customer has a question mark.

5- With the records of the wholesaler, it is unknown how much he will owe to whom.

6- Ready to connect scales and cash registers With VerPoS, connections are made according to your request

7- I can print a barcode label on your shelves and barcode-free products.

8- In the sales room, the first customer is in the sales room with your waiting window for the new customer.

9- Invoice and waybill can be cut.

10- You can pay with credit card or pesin at the time of sale.

11-In line with your request, you can purchase your products online through your website and receive orders on your website.